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6 things smart homeowners are doing at the start of a new year

Savvy homeowners will use the lull after the holidays to make changes that save time, money and effort. Check out these six things you might want to consider adding to yo...

How to find your direct deposit information

Direct deposit is a great way to get paid faster! And setting it up is easy once you have two key pieces of information. We show you where to find all the info you need.

setting financial goals in 2023

Setting financial goals in 2023 and beyond

With finances, sometimes small changes can make a big impact. As you’re considering what you’d like to accomplish in 2023, here are some ideas that could reap rewards in ...

Can auto loans be refinanced?

Any time you’re looking to put some money back in your monthly budget, refinancing your auto loan can be a great place to start.

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Protecting your money: how to identify fraud

Do you know the four common tactics used by scammers? Familiarize yourself with their methods to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

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How do you winterize a house? These 5 tips should help you get ready for the changing seasons

From saving on your heating bill to avoiding unnecessary hassles, Solarity has five tips to help you prepare for Winter.

Attempting to hack secure bank account thumbnail

5 tips to boost your credit score

Building your credit and earning and maintaining a great credit score comes down to discipline. We offer five tips to keep your credit strong.

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What is online and mobile banking?

Online and mobile banking is like having a Solarity branch in your home and when you're on the go!

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Are mobile deposits safe?

Mobile banking allows you to safely bank on your time from anywhere!