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Funding for a variety of commercial properties:


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Real estate investment loans

When it comes to financing your investment property, you have options!
  1. Purchase, refinance or cash-out
  2. Business line of credit for residential units
  3. Competitive rates and flexible repayment terms

The Solarity difference

  1. As a Washington-based lender, we understand the Pacific Northwest market
  2. When you need information, you don't want to wait - we respond quickly!
  3. Local decisions and processing keep things moving forward so you can close faster
  4. Competitive rates and terms let you choose the best option for your business
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Repayment terms and rate structures

What's your time horizon? Choose the best terms to fit your goals, timeline and cash-flow needs. Some terms may not be available for all property types.

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5/5 ARM
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25- and 30-year amortization
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Common questions about Commercial Real Estate loans at Solarity

We’re able to finance a wide variety of commercial properties including:

  • Multi-family real estate
  • Properties purchased by business entities, LLCs or corporations
  • Mobile home parks
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Owner-occupied professional buildings
  • Other commercial real estate

This is not an all-inclusive list – if you have a property you’re interested in, we’d like to hear about it and see what we can do to help.

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Let's talk about your future investment property

We'll partner with you to help make your real estate investment venture a success. Give us a call at 877.853.3297 to get started.

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