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5 tips to prepare your home for sale

Buying and living in a new home in Washington State can be very exciting, and there are some basic steps you can take to prepare the home you're selling.

What are 0-down home loans?

What are no-down-payment loans? This type of loan, also known as a 100% mortgage, is exactly what the name implies—a home loan that requires 0% down.

Family in the midst of home renovations

6 surprising home improvements that could help lower your tax bill

There are a lot of reasons you might want to upgrade your home to be more energy efficient including lowering your utility expenses and potentially even your tax bill.


5 reasons to choose a credit union for your home loan

When you apply for a home loan with a credit union, you get the best service, from the application and approval process to the final signing and closing.

girl carrying moving boxes in new home

Moving in Washington State? 5 steps to take first

Home loan pre-approval is a great tool in your arsenal when you’re buying a house in Washington because it shows sellers you are serious.

Couple reviews mortgage paperwork at home

How much mortgage will I qualify for?

One of the main factors in figuring out how much mortgage you qualify for is your income. Having steady work and income reflects your ability to repay the loan.

5 ways to make it faster and easier to file your 2021 taxes

The IRS has given fair warning that they are slammed this tax season. But the tax pros are offering some tips that will help us file accurately, avoid processing delays a...

worker on roof replacing shingles

5 expensive home repairs that catch homeowners off guard

Emergency repairs such as roofing, plumbing or foundation damage can happen to any homeowner. Learn the warning signs and what you can do to help cover the costs.

How to start getting out of debt

Life costs money. Sometimes a lot of money. Getting a full picture of your debt can help you focus your energy on the best ways to tackle it.