What is online and mobile banking?

Online and mobile banking is like having a Solarity branch in your home and when you're on the go!


Are mobile deposits safe?

Mobile banking allows you to safely bank on your time from anywhere!


10 best places to live in Washington State

Seattle gets most of the recognition, with about 60% of the state's population residing here. But numerous other towns and communities are also great spots to call home. ...


What are Contactless, tap-to-pay cards?

Contactless tap-to-pay cards make transactions make checking out easier and faster. Plus they're more secure!

5 reasons to invest in rental property

Rental property can be a fantastic investment. We explore five ways it can benefit you and your financial future.

Getting pre-qualified and why it's essential to your home search

A pre-qualification does two key things: it let's you know just how much you can afford AND as importantly, it let's a seller know you mean business.

Are home equity loans a good idea?

Ever hear someone say that bags of cash are just sitting around your home? If only home equity loans were that simple! They can be a great option in the right circumstanc...

Tips for managing your money online

In this digital age, there are so many tools at our disposal to help manage our money. Solarity Credit Union has you covered.

How to avoid becoming house poor

Determining exactly what you'll need each month for your mortgage payment means taking a good, hard look at where your money goes - a crucial first step to avoid becoming...