How are your spring cleaning plans shaking up? It’s exciting to “think spring” this time of year, but with the changing of the season, there’s always a lot to tackle. Creating a plan with a timeline will not only make your sprucing efforts more manageable, but dare we say… fun? Okay, we won’t go that far. However, getting organized and learning some cleaning hacks will make it that much easier and rewarding (when it’s done).

Start with your closets

With the weather still not feeling 100-percent “spring-like,” starting inside means you won’t waste a nice spring day on this must-do. Start with these questions when it comes to clothing: Do you need it? Do you wear it? Is it out of style? Does it still fit? If you feel stuck, rearranging your clothes and how they’re organized can help it feel like you’re making great progress, plus you may find an outfit or two that you forgot about.

Some folks swear by the hanger trick. Face them all with the hook toward you. Once you wear it, put it in the other way. In another year, which hangers have gone untouched? It’s highly recommended you donate that clothing because, clearly, you don’t need it.

Get those windows sparkling clean

Windows are a must-do this time of year. All the winter weather buildup really cakes on that dirt. Glass cleaning solution with a touch of vinegar works great. Oh, and don’t forget to do the outside, too. If you have a power washer, adding a cleaning solution can be very effective. Maybe just wait for a sunny spring day! And don’t forget to dust the sills. For bonus points, on your way out of each room, be sure to wipe down the doorknobs to get them squeaky clean.

Clean your screens

Don’t put away your power washer just yet. Get those screens nice and clean so when the weather turns, they’re ready to let that nice breeze inside. One of the best parts of the spring is opening your home to let that fresh air pass through and push out all the stale winter air for good.

Tackle water stains with some neat cleaning hacks

Most of us regularly maintain the bathroom sink, toilet and shower, but the kind of deep clean that does away with the water stains calls for some unique solutions. A little white vinegar can make a big difference. Using baking soda and steel wool to scrub those water stains out can be very effective. Others swear by lemons, cutting the lemon in half and applying it directly to the stains. Let it set for about 10 minutes and wipe away. For daily maintenance, using a squeegee after a shower can help you head off the issue before the buildup really begins.

Baseboards, corners, fans and fixtures

No one sees them anyway, right? That’s the thinking most of us adopt when we notice a little dust line running along the baseboards. To save your back, it’s worth investing in a good extendable duster. And you can use it to get into those hard-to-reach corners (both high and low) where dust bunnies love to gather. The extendable duster works wonders to gather the buildup on ceiling fans and light fixtures. In a pinch, a broom can work great, too. Simply use a rubber band to fasten a dust cloth to the broom to reach the dust. Finally, to polish everything off, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser foam pads really live up to their enchanted name. They pull the dirt right off and leave a nice shine – no matter the surface.

Kitchen pantry and fridge revamp

How long has that can of tomatoes or black beans been hanging around in your pantry? Assuming they haven’t expired, pull them out and plan a meal around unused ingredients. Anything you cannot use should probably be donated. If it hasn’t been used for this long, are you really going to use it? With the same line of thinking as the closet, sometimes it’s nice to completely switch it up and reorganize where food items are stored, both in the pantry and fridge. Put healthier snacks at eye level, making them easier to grab and go. Check the veggie bin and expiration dates for items in the fridge, too, and toss any that are past their prime (hello, old salad dressing and condiments).

Gutter clean-out

With the ice and snow that can build up in your gutters, it’s common for dirt and other debris to get trapped. With the rainy spring approaching, clear out your gutters so the water can flow easily. This goes a long way to avoiding any unintended drainage issues, which can lead to much larger problems.

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

A good rule of thumb is to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on daylight saving weekends – both in the fall and spring – so you know you’re staying on top of it. A spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to test your batteries and give the detectors a nice dust-off, too. 

With spring right around the corner, we hope this list helps inspire you to create your own strategy for tackling spring cleaning. With a little bit of planning, elbow grease and motivation, you can have the bulk of your home chores done just in time to take advantage of the nicer weather and longer days ahead. 

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