Solarity Stories


Remote refinance made easy: One member's story

When you work in the industry, you expect the best. Norma was impressed with Solarity in her professional role as an escrow officer and when we helped her with her own re...


Refinancing with ease: Jennifer's story

Another large mortgage broker disappoints and in swoops Solarity's expert Home Loan Guides to save Jennifer's refinance. This thrilled Jennifer so much, she referred us t...


Big dreams, little worry with expert Home Loan Guides

With a new baby on the way, Juan and his wife needed someone to help make their home loan process fast and easy. Time was literally of the essence. Enter: Solarity's expe...

Exploring online banking in the digital age

Technology can be daunting for any of us. But rewards await adventurous, forward-thinking people. People like Roy.

From first home to forever home with Solarity

When deciding to pursue their dream from high school of buying a big country home, Katie and her husband turned to Solarity to make it happen.

A home loan in a hurry

Pedro and his fiancé were on a fast track to close on their home loan in order to get in by the end of the month. But that meant they had just 17 days to make it happen a...

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