Technology can be daunting for any of us. And particularly when you didn't come of age in the digital world, like Roy, it is easy to get overwhelmed with its prospect. But he didn't let it discourage him.

"Technology was a bit of a challenge. It’s not that I wasn't capable of doing it – I guess I was just a little intimidated," says Roy, a Solarity member. "I’m an older person who had the typical fear of moving into the digital age."

Roy is forward-thinking, enjoys a challenge and was willing to explore online banking, though he felt a lot better about making the leap with a little coaching.

"With the help of the team at Solarity, I was able to get past that and use cards, the kiosk, automatic deposit with my phone and everything else," Roy says. "They showed me in a way that made me feel comfortable, and life is now much easier."

“I now use my computer or phone to check balances, transfer money, pay bills and even deposit checks into my bank account using my cell phone.”

Being able to access your account online is not just convenient; it also gives you control and therefore peace of mind.

"I’m also happy that I can set custom alerts that notify me of balances and bank activity, so I have a better idea what is going on with my account. And if there's something wrong, I can turn it off."

With a little bravery combined with a little help, Roy says "I am happy to say that all the people at Solarity have been over-the-top helpful at bringing me up to speed with today's practices. Service always comes with a smile."

A little encouragement goes a long way and Roy now enjoys the benefits of convenient online banking.


Thanks for exploring the digital frontier with us, Roy! We are here when you need us.

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