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Solarity Stories

Kim Wallberg getting coffee on her new home

A refinance with Solarity: "Super simple"

Longtime Solarity member, Kim W., was tired of having her mortgage sold and never knowing where to send her payment. Plus, she wanted to save money and time, so she refin...

Solarity CU Real Estate partner Scott P. family portrait outdoor in forest thumbnail

Partnering with Solarity: A real estate investor’s perspective

When real estate investor, Scott P., found Solarity, he says he found not only a lender but a true partner, critical to the success of his business.

Home Sweet Home home entrance rug thumbnail

Two sisters, two homes, two happy members

When Patricia was buying a new home, her sister was buying her condo, which meant there were some great opportunities to make the process efficient and affordable. But sh...

Man struggling to find home refinance options online thumbnail

Where's my loan, again? Solarity saves a refinance

Rich just couldn't get answers about his loan. And when he went to refinance with a big bank, he felt misled and pushed aside. He turned to Solarity and was so happy with...

Selfie of Solarity Credit Union Customer Vinda thumbnail

Tired of big banks, Vinda turned to Solarity

When she went to refinance her loan, Vinda had terrible experiences with not one, but two big banks. She turned to Solarity, and within a week, everything with her refina...

Man moving couch to new home from old home around cardboard boxes thumbnail

Solarity helps with a hurried closing

When your home sells before you find your next home - the panic is real. But Solarity was there to help a couple through a hurried closing and find their dream home.

Solarity CU Andrew Clapton market manager inside office thumbnail

Joining Solarity 'A turning point'

Solarity places as much value on its team members as it does on its members. With our core values of passion, impact and courage - we look for team members who are positi...

Three Gambito brothers on boat of their backyard clubhouse

The meaning of home: A tale of three brothers

When they found themselves at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the three Gambito brothers used the time build a place where they could truly connect - an amazing backya...

User Navigating Solarity Credit Union desktop Website thumbnail

Remote refinance made easy: One member's story

When you work in the industry, you expect the best. Norma was impressed with Solarity in her professional role as an escrow officer and when we helped her with her own re...

What's your Solarity story?

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