Whenever TJ, Dave and Drake want to take off - they can. The family hitches up their trailer and hits the road. They love going off the grid - an adventure they don't just want to take, but need to take.

“One of the nicest things about camping in a trailer and getting ready to go is so much is already ready,” says TJ, a Solarity member.

TJ, Dave and their son Drake love getting out and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

“Some of our favorite places to go is the Potholes Reservoir, which is up south of Moses Lake. We like going hunting up north of Spokane,” says TJ. “We also, oh my gosh, love going down on the Columbia River where we can camp easily and go fishing.”

Dave explains, “We got this trailer because it had the ability to be off-grid and do longer times dry camping. So larger holding tanks and water and has a generator built into it. And it just made it a little more freedom even more than what we've had before.”

Freedom to recharge and get away from it all.

“We are always busy, we volunteer. We're doing a nonprofit. We have a medically fragile son,” TJ said. “So if we did not have our RV, we would not take purposeful breaks. And we look at all of our friends and the ones without trailers struggle. They struggle to take family time.”

TJ and Dave refinanced their RV with Solarity. We've been longtime members. And when we refinance, not only did we get a better interest rate, it just makes it so easy. I can look and I know exactly right now this minute how much we owe on our loan. The ease of being with Solarity is fantastic.

“I do a big trip with friends and family every year,” Dave says. It’s the kind of trip they don't just want to take but need to take.

“It was soul-building. We have a very complicated life, as many people do. And it forced us to just sit, breathe and really refill for the next for the next while,” TJ says.

And whenever adventure calls, TJ says, they are ready to roll.

“No reservations, no elaborate plans. We can just look at our son and go, ‘Tomorrow we're leaving, or going up to the hills. We're gonna take the dogs and go have a family weekend. Let's go.’”

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