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Personal Banking

Solarity membership is open to everyone! You qualify to join Solarity if one of the following applies:

  • You live, work, worship or attend school in the state of Washington -or-
  • You have a family member who is already a Solarity member -or-
  • You are a member of the GoWest Foundation (you can easily join by becoming a “Friend of the Foundation” for a nominal donation)

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Solarity member, get in touch with us! We’ll explain all the options and help you get started.

Your money has a hold on it until the check clears, which is the same process we’ve always had.  Just like when you deposit a check with a teller or from your phone, the funds may be placed on a short hold while the check is being reviewed. We do this to protect you in case there is an issue with the check.

Our Branch Experience Guides are there to help in the event of a technology issue, and we will work to address the issue as quickly as possible.

We do our best to be efficient with your time and also ensure you’re getting all of your financial needs met. We work quickly to connect you with the right expert. Thanks to our Smart ATMs, members can conduct most transactions on their own. If you need additional assistance, our team is thrilled to help you as soon as we are available. With Branch Experience Guides at the ready, the wait is not long! 

If you are depositing cash with multiple bills, the machine counts the bills one-by-one, which can take time if it’s a larger deposit. Our Branch Experience Guides are there to help you! Pease flag them or press the help button if you need assistance. They love helping our members as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can be in and out and on your way!

We would love that! Please do. You can expect a consultative experience inside our branches. Because members can use our secure and easy-to-use Smart ATMs, our Branch Experience Guides are now freed up and available to help you with all your banking needs – from opening a new account to applying for a loan or just to say “hi.” If you are using a Smart ATM and need assistance, simply press the help button and a friendly face will be there to assist.

Each member’s experience with the Smart ATMs will be different. The time it takes depends on many factors including how many and what type of transactions you need. Our Branch Experience Guides are there to help you every step of the way. Here is a video showing how our Smart ATMs work.

If you have questions concerning your membership or its terms, please contact our Member Contact Center at 800.347.9222.

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