Solarity member, Al, at home

Al F. does all his banking online with Solarity's online banking and mobile app. Yet he recently needed help inside a Solarity branch. 

"My dad had recently died. And all of our life insurance checks arrived at the same time," Al, a member since 2015, explains. "I was a little daunted. So I took my checks, because I needed a place to deposit them, and generate cashiers checks to send to my brothers, because we needed to separate it three ways."

When Al walked into the Solarity branch, he was warmly greeted by a Branch Experience Guide, or as Al describes her, "this wonderful, friendly woman."

"She asked me what I needed. And she just like, provided everything, she made it effortless.," Al says. "We deposited all of the checks. She walked me through how to use your fancy ATM machines, because they're cool."

Al says it was futuristic banking with a very personal touch - an unexpected, but welcome experience. 

"It felt unfamiliar, but it didn't feel like, daunting, because people were there to help me," Al says. "There are just these helpful people around, wanting to help you and help you figure out how to use everything and make what you want to happen - to have it happen."

Thank you for being a member, Al. We're so happy we could help. Visit us again sometime soon! 


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