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Home Loans

If you’d like to apply for a home loan, visit  homeloans.solaritycu.org to get started.

If you need assistance, give our home lending team a call at 877.853.3297.

Behind the scenes, this is a fairly complicated process! It involves market factors, loan products, and choices made by you, the borrower. Additionally, the current interest rate environment and rates set by the Federal Reserve play an important role, as does the competitive interest rate environment. Solarity monitors these and adjusts rates daily. The type of home loan you choose, the amount of your down payment and your credit score also affect your home loan rate.

As an equal housing opportunity lender, Solarity ensures that all of these factors are applied equally to each borrower according to strict guidelines. This helps prevent any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap or familial status.

As with all aspects of your home loan, your expert Home Loan Guide will partner with you to explore how variables like different loan types, points and credits and the size of your down payment can affect your home loan rate.

Yes! Solarity offers USDA loans. Completing the first couple of steps of our  online application - without obligation - will help you identify which loan types you may qualify for, along with the associated loan rates, estimated monthly payments and closing costs. Still have questions? Just call 877.853.3297 to get connected with a Home Loan Guide.

Solarity does not offer construction loans at this time.

Definitely not (unless you want to)! You can do the ENTIRE process online, applying for a Solarity home loan from your home computer or mobile device. In addition, you can call our expert Home Loan Guides. If you walk into a branch, we can connect you with our Home Loan Guides that way, too!

We will work around your schedule and will communicate with you in the manner that's most convenient for you. We go to great lengths to make the entire process for you as easy as we can. You can even close the loan from your mobile phone (message and data rates may apply). We can't wait to help you get started! 


Escrow typically plays two roles during our home loan process. First, an escrow account is used during the closing process to facilitate the transfer of money from you to the seller. Thereafter, a different type of escrow account is used over the life of your loan to make it easier for you as a homeowner to pay large, periodic payments (for things like property taxes and homeowner’s insurance) as part of your regular monthly home loan payment. Your loan officer will be happy to answer any questions you might have about either of these escrow processes.

Yes. While in theory, all home inspectors should do high quality work, just like in any business, there are those that excel and those that fall short. Here are some tips to ensure you’re choosing a reliable home inspector:

  • If you trust the opinion of your lender or real estate agent, they can often refer you to inspectors they’ve had good experiences with in the past.
  • Read online reviews. Talk to prospective inspectors, and consider asking for references.
  • Verify that you can accompany your inspector while they go through the home.
  • Confirm that your inspector is bonded and insured.
  • Verify their experience, especially if your home type is not common.
  • Request a sample inspection report.
  • To help avoid conflicts of interest, verify the company you choose only does inspections and not home renovations or repairs.

Yes – in fact, it’s encouraged! Your Home Loan Guide will review your payment options with you as part of the loan process, and automatic payments are a safe and convenient method to help ensure your home loan payments are on time every month.

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