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Third-party home loan fees are those charged by any party other than your lender during the processing of your loan. These fees are included as part of your closing costs, and often include:

  • Appraisal
  • Credit Report
  • Escrow/Closing Fee
  • Title Search
  • Title Insurance
  • Survey Fee
  • Flood Certificate/Report
  • Courier Fees
  • Transfer Fees

Home improvements can be one of the most exciting parts of being a homeowner – depending on who you ask, of course! When deciding what to fix up next, it’s smart to consider not only what is valuable to you, but what might be valuable to others when (or if) you decide to sell your home. Here's a list of the 6 most valuable home improvements from Moving.com and Remodeling Magazine:

  1. Upscale garage door replacement
  2. Manufactured stone veneer on exterior
  3. Wood deck addition
  4. The kitchen (within reason)
  5. Siding and vinyl window replacements
  6. Bathroom remodel

When you open an account at Solarity, you are given a member number. Most often a 6-digit number, it may contain a preceding ‘s’. Always omit the ‘s’ and use numeric characters only when making your Solarity loan payment. Your Solarity account number may look something like this: 0000123456-01. Do not enter the preceding zeros or the last two digits.

If you have questions regarding your account number or how to find it, please reach out to us via live chat, or call 800.347.9222.

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We work with State National Insurance Company to process all of our insurance products. For questions on your insurance, you can contact State National Insurance at 866.576.7893.

If you need to fax your proof of insurance, you can do so at 877.266.8690.

If you know your reference ID and PIN you can visit the State National website to upload your insurance information.

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A home inspection is used to determine the condition of a home, while an appraisal is used to determine the real estate value. Both are necessary in the lending process as they will protect the buyer from paying too much for a home that would cost them more in the long run.

If you choose a fixed rate mortgage, the rate you lock in during the loan process will be the rate you have for the life of your loan. A 30-year fixed rate mortgage is one of the most common, traditional types of loans, and can be a particularly attractive option when rates are low.

If you choose an adjustable rate mortgage (or “ARM”) your rate will likely vary over the life of the loan. Many ARMs have what is known as an introductory period in which your rate stays the same for a specified amount of time, followed by periodic rate adjustments for the remainder of the loan. In a "5/1 ARM," for instance, your introductory rate will stay the same for the first five years, and your rate may then adjust up or down each year thereafter. The introductory rates on ARMs are often lower than their fixed rate loan equivalents.

Most lenders offer a wide variety of fixed- and adjustable-rate home loan options (Solarity does!). Solarity's expert Home Loan Guides will help walk you through the loan options to help you find the one that’s best for you and your particular situation.

PMI is short for Private Mortgage Insurance, and it's typically required any time a borrow puts down less than 20% of a home's purchase price. PMI is paid for by the homeowner and increases their monthly mortgage payment. The purpose of PMI is to protect the lender if the borrower becomes unable to pay, as the lender is at greater risk when making a home loans with low down payments. Learn more about PMI.

Solarity offers a  wide variety of home loans to meet the needs of our borrowers. These include:

Conventional loans

  • Fixed Rate Loans: 10, 15, 20, and 30 years
  • ARMs (adjustable rate mortgages) loans with introductory rate periods of: 3, 5, 7, and 10 years
  • Jumbo Loans

Government agency-backed loans, including:

  • FHA
  • USDA

Loans for home  purchases and  refinances

HELOCs (Home Equity Lines of Credit)

Real estate investment loans

The best part? Our expert Home Loan Guides partner with you to determine what options will best fit your budget and lifestyle.

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