Kim Wallberg getting coffee on her new home

"Home is my happy place," says longtime Solarity member Kim W. "We just take pride in our home. It is where our family gathers for holidays, and it’s just important to us that this is a place where we get to create lots of memories." 

When Kim wanted to refinance her home loan, she turned to the credit union she knows and trusts.

"We chose to refinance through Solarity because our original mortgage on the house had been sold several times to different mortgage companies, and it was a little exhausting to have to continue to make payments to different agencies," Kim explained.

When she realized that her mortgage would always be serviced by Solarity, it was a no-brainer. 

"I thought it was going to be an overwhelming, long process but it was super simple," Kim says. "It was a quick process and we were able to switch from a 30-year mortgage to a 20, so we were super excited to shave 10 years off our mortgage. And we got rid of the private mortgage insurance so it’s nice knowing that more of our money is going to the principal balance.”

Kim says she loves telling her friends and family about Solarity.

"My husband and I, we've made huge gains in our lives and in our marriage - financially and where we’ve lived and the things we’ve been able to do - because of Solarity.”

Thanks for being such a loyal member, Kim. We are so happy we could help with your refinance!

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