In a wide-ranging interview with Authority Magazine, published on Medium, Solarity's President and CEO, Mina Worthington, discusses ‘Leading from the C-Suite: Five things you need to be a highly effective C-Suite executive.’

Mina discusses the importance of building a successful work culture, difficult decisions she’s had to make, common mistakes leaders make, myths about C-Suite executives and some of the most underestimated parts of being a leader. 

As for the five ways to be a highly effective executive, she named the following traits:

  1. Self-Aware: Sincere grasp of personal strengths and weaknesses and display high emotional intelligence

    Example: At least annually, you elicit feedback on your performance from your direct reports. I often do this in the form of the question: If you were CEO for a day, what would you start, stop and continue doing?

  2. Big Thinker: Balance long-term vision with strategic execution while always considering what’s best for the organization.

    Example: This requires that you consider what needs to be done tomorrow, next month and next year. This will help ensure your organization is relevant and viable next year and as much as 5 years from now — for the good of your customers, employees and the communities you serve.

  3. Influential: Able to lead teams that produce great results, even without direct authority.

    Example: This is where an executive must be a good salesperson, as described earlier, as you have to sell strategy and then obtain buy-in from all levels.

  4. Transparent: Easily understood by being clear and candid in both intent and communication.

    Example: There should be no secrets in your organization except for what is contained under regulatory order or in your HR files.

  5. Courageous: Not afraid to make difficult decisions and take bold moves.
    Example: If you cannot take risks that make you vulnerable at times, you cannot lead.

 You can read the full thought leadership article in Authority Magazine by visiting this link.

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