Solarity Credit Union recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and has an even longer history of serving Washington state before two legacy credit unions merged to create Solarity in 2011. Solarity is rooted in its core values of passion, impact and courage and recruits a workforce that lives those principles daily. The Yakima Valley region and beyond is culturally diverse, and we strive to ensure our employees reflect this rich distinction.

“We recruit employees who genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of our members,” says Carrie Gabbard, chief operating officer at Solarity who oversees Human Resources. “Our recruiting process is quite robust, and it leads us to talent that will thrive here.”

Solarity is led by CEO and President Mina Worthington with leadership support from an entire line-up of female vice presidents who direct an array of departments, from home loans to business intelligence to marketing.

“You look around the room and really notice something like that, particularly because it isn’t always the case in banking,” said Worthington. “It’s refreshing because, as we know, representation matters.”

In an industry where men hold 81% of C-suite positions, according to research by McKinsey, Solarity is bucking the trend and paving the way for other women who aspire to lead in financial services.

Solarity’s leaders inspire 190 employees to create innovative solutions for its members in the constantly evolving financial services space. This VP group of women from a variety of backgrounds helps the credit union maintain its status as a top home loan lender for the Yakima region.

“Everyone should have a home,” says Worthington. “It’s thrilling to see our diverse organization make this happen in our community and beyond.”

In addition to these female leaders, Solarity promotes diversity across the organization. We strive to hire employees who can identify and connect with our members, including recruiting front-line employees who speak two or more languages, to provide better service to members whose first language may not be English. Currently more than 36% of Solarity's employees speak two or more languages. Even prior to the pandemic, Solarity was exploring options to support remote workers, giving the credit union more flexibility in making geographically diverse hiring decisions.

Solarity team members are also sincerely committed to supporting organizations that promote and enhance diversity in our communities and across the globe. Each year, Solarians donate thousands of dollars and volunteer hours to nonprofits engaged in these efforts, such as YWCA Yakima and Mercy Housing.

Are you interested in joining this dynamic team of compassionate team members and leaders? Learn more about careers at Solarity by exploring our career pages here.

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