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We understand that making smart financial decisions is crucial, whether you're exploring home and vehicle loans, wanting to tap into your home's equity or simply looking to boost your saving and budgeting strategies. Our library of financial calculators makes it easy to add up the numbers, analyze different scenarios and unlock a world of possibilities. No matter what your goals may be, these tools will help give you the clarity and confidence you need to take your financial future to the next level. Let's get started.

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Explore your financing options with our auto, RV and boat loan calculators. Whether you're dreaming of hitting the open road, adventuring off the beaten path or sailing the serene waters, our intuitive calculators are here to help you estimate monthly payments and determine the best loan terms for your budget. Dive in and discover a clear path to your next vehicle, RV or boat purchase, ensuring your adventures remain both exciting and financially sound.

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Navigate your financial journey with confidence using our personal finance calculators. Whether you're planning for a significant purchase, consolidating debt or setting savings goals, our tools offer a clear snapshot of your financial landscape. By providing tailored insights and actionable projections, these calculators empower you to make informed decisions that align with your personal and financial aspirations. Let's take the guesswork out of money management together.

Planning for homeownership

Embark on your path to homeownership with clarity and confidence. Our comprehensive resources for planning for homeownership are designed to guide you through every step of this exciting journey. From understanding mortgage basics to evaluating your budget and choosing the right home, our tools and insights help demystify the process. Embrace the dream of homeownership with the knowledge and support you need to make informed decisions and build a foundation for your future.

Calculators for homeowners

Maximize your homeownership experience with our dedicated calculators for homeowners. Whether you're assessing refinance options, estimating home equity or exploring renovation costs, our calculators provide tailored insights to inform your decisions. Harness the power of accurate data and projections to navigate the complexities of property ownership, ensuring you make the most of your investment. Let our tools light the way as you cultivate and grow your home's value and potential.

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5 tips to boost your credit score

Sep 8, 2021, 17:43 PM by User Not Found
Building your credit and earning and maintaining a great credit score comes down to discipline. We offer five tips to keep your credit strong.

Having a good credit score is the key to financial freedom. The better your score, the more lenders trust that you will pay the money back. Here are five tips on building and maintaining a solid credit score to help you reach your financial goals

Pay your bills on time – every time. Payment history and a track record of paying your bills on time is one of the key factors credit bureaus assess when calculating your score. Keep those payments on time and avoid late payments at all costs.

Aim to use less than 30% of the credit available to you. This is more of a myth than a hard-and-fast rule. Understandably, the less credit you use, the better. Known as the credit utilization ratio, credit experts agree below 30% is a great guideline to follow.

Hang on to older credit. Your history of accounts matters when it comes to your credit score. If you have older accounts – even ones you don’t use – don’t get rid of them. Closing credit cards when you have a balance on others means lowering your total available credit. So keep those accounts open to help preserve your score.

Limit your requests for new credit. Every time there is a “hard” pull on your credit score, it impacts you for about two years. When you apply for any line of credit - whether it’s an auto loan, mortgage or new credit card - your credit is being pulled. When there are too many inquiries within a shorter period of time, lenders may interpret that you are facing financial difficulties and may not be as likely to lend. Soft inquiries, such as pulling your own credit or a new employer running a background check, does not impact your score. So just be aware when you really need that line of credit.

Give yourself some credit! Solarity offers share secured credit cards, which are a great way to begin building (or rebuilding) your credit history and credit score. A share secured Visa® allows you to use your savings to establish a credit limit you can borrow against as you would with a traditional credit card. It allows you to use your own savings (or any other Solarity account) as collateral for a specified loan amount, meaning the savings you dedicate to establish the credit limit will be unavailable to you until the card is closed. For example, you can dedicate $1,100 from your savings (10% down) to create a $1,000 line of credit at Solarity. As you make your monthly payments (plus interest), the principal portion of each payment is once again made available to you in your savings account. This means you are borrowing from yourself and demonstrating to the credit agencies that you can make regular monthly payments.