You’ve worked hard to build the equity in your home.

A Home Equity Line of Credit is your key to success. Whether you’d like to consolidate debt, remodel the kitchen, pay for college, or even visit your Uncle Joe in Australia – Our HELOC Premier will provide you with a flexible source of funds to help you get more out of life. You’ve earned it.

During the draw period, your HELOC is a revolving line of credit. This means your available credit will decrease as you make draws; and as you make payments, your available credit will increase. Getting started is easy, the application process is simple, and the possibilities are endless.

The Annual Percentage Rate is a variable rate. Closing costs will vary based on a loan by loan basis. Contact us for more details, including more specific details on APR and information about third party fees. Property insurance is required and not included in closing costs.

HELOC Premier:

  • Minimum amount is $20,000
  • Maximum loan amount is $500,000
  • Interest Rate: Variable
  • Draw Period: 5 years
  • Repayment Period: 15 years
  • Minimum Draw: $500
  • Minimum Payment: Monthly interest for the first 5 years

A HELOC may be a tax advantage

“The tax-deductibility of HELOC interest is similar to when other money is borrowed to make improvements to your home. This can include major repairs and renovations, such as replacing the roof, carpeting, or components, such as the furnace, central air conditioner or hot water heater.
Interest is also fully deductible if the money is used to make major improvements. This can include renovating the kitchen and bathrooms, finishing the basement, or putting an addition on the house.
In all of the above cases, the interest that you pay on the HELOC may be fully tax-deductible. Limitations apply when money is borrowed that is not used in connection with either purchasing or improving the home.”*

*According to Intuit TurboTax. Consult your tax advisor with any questions regarding tax advantages.

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