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I would definitely call Solarity a Development Organization.  This is not to be confused with those entities that work with government to develop business and infrastructure in geographical regions.  It is also not the same as organizational development, which is a term used from organization-wide planning and management to increase performance of the organization.

Solarity is an organization that has made a firm commitment to the mantra “leave it better than how you found it.”  This definitely applies to our people at all levels, and this is why I refer to us as a Development Organization.

Learning and development that come from increasing your knowledge, skills, and abilities are tangible benefits that you receive from your job.  Once you have them, they are yours to keep, and no one can ever take them away from you.  Outside of pay and benefits, this might be the only tangible benefit that one receives from an employer.  At your place of work, the more emphasis that your employer puts on training and development, the more you are earning from your job.

Managers must provide their people with consistent and transparent feedback about their performance.  Managers must also understand the specific circumstances, strengths, and career aspirations of each individual that reports to them.  Equipped with this information, Managers should be able to anticipate what opportunities are available so that they may provide additional skills-building and mentoring of their staffs.  Through periodic coaching, Managers will have everything that they need to guide their staffs through these experiences and provide invaluable feedback.

Becoming a Development Organization puts the meaning back into your education initiatives.  It is not a program, it is not required coursework; rather, it is an on-going concern that is deeply rooted within the culture.  Everyone is responsible for development, both Management and each individual – certainly not just the Training Department.  Find yourself in a Development Organization, and you will find yourself elevating to new and exciting heights.