It's no secret planning a wedding is a lot of work, especially if you're trying to buy your first home at the same time.

"It was a lot, very hectic. It was just a lot with the wedding," Yasmin, a Solarity member explains, while sitting next to her new husband, Luis. "It's just a hard process, like, you know, just working with everyone trying to get everything processed in... we were just like, 'you know what, let's just, let's just try it! I mean, the worst thing they can tell us is no, or at least we know what we got approved for.'”

The first time homebuyers reached out to the credit union they’ve trusted for years and Solarity preapproved them for a home loan.

”The whole team at Solarity did a great, fantastic job on keeping in contact, which was the most important thing throughout the whole thing and just being able to provide all the paperwork and anything they needed. We were right to it. So it made the transaction really nice and it just flowed perfectly honestly,” Luis says.

Yasmin and Luis were able to close on the home before their wedding day. “It just worked out so great," Yasmin said. With the home buying stress relieved, they could just focus on their big day.

“Me and my girls got ready and then him and his guys got ready here at the house which was awesome,” says Yasmin. Now they’re all settled in - fur babies included.

“It's very peaceful. I guess it's just very open. Like homey. I love being at home,” says Yasmin.

Luis adds, “I feel like it's really heartwarming. And just home, you know?”

Congratulations, Yasmin and Luis!

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