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2016 Solarity Scholarship Program

Solarity is excited to announce that the 2016 Solarity Scholarship program is open and applications are being accepted!   Five scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $2,400.00 each to Solarity Credit Union members.


Applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria:
1. Must be a member in good standing of Solarity Credit Union. NOTE: You must be a Primary Member with an account in your own name, or a spouse who is a Joint Owner on the Primary Member's account. If not a member, you can join Solarity if you live, work, worship, or attend school in Washington State.
2. Must be a U.S. citizen or a resident alien of the U.S.
3. Must be enrolled, or will be enrolled, in an accredited college, university or trade school during the school year listed on the scholarship application.
4. Must have a minimum GPA of 2.0.
5. Applicants who are employees of Solarity or have any relative(s) or person(s) that live in their household that currently work, serve on the Solarity Board of Directors or serve on a Committee for Solarity are not eligible to apply.  (Relatives are defined as a parent, spouse, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, cousin, in-law or step relative, or any person with whom the applicant has a close, personal relationship such as a domestic partner, romantic partner or cohabitant.)


1. Must be returned by Friday, February 26, 2016.
2. Must be filled out completely.
3. Only online applications will be eligible.


Applications will be reviewed by the Solarity Credit Union Scholarship Committee. The Committee consists of Solarity staff, members of the Credit Union Board of Directors and Credit Union members. Academic Record, Financial Need, Personal Statement, Community Service/School Activities, and the Essay each account for up to 25% of the overall score. Finalists will be asked to meet with the Committee for an informal interview. 


Each award will be paid directly to the college, university, or trade school of choice and be credited in the recipient's name. Award will be sent to the school after August 1, 2016 upon submission of verified registration.


Failure to maintain your status at school (including being terminated from school or dropping out of school) will result in the cancellation of the award and any remaining funds will be returned to the Credit Union and not redistributed. Remaining funds may be forwarded to another accredited college, university or trade school upon request and proof of enrollment (subject to all applicable scholarship rules).



1. Completed Application

Do not leave questions blank. If your answer to a question is “no,” “none,” or “not applicable,” please state as such.  Please type your entry if possible. If not, print legibly in ink.

2. Essays (3)

•    Explanation of Financial Need.
•    Personal Statement (Tell us about yourself.) 
•     Include an essay consisting of 300 words or less addressing the topic:  “How have you made positive things happen for your community? (Please include word count)
Upload essays to part 2 of the Solarity Scholarship Application.   

3. Academic Transcript

Transcripts should include a minimum of your MOST RECENT TWO YEARS of schooling. This could include a combination of high school and college transcripts. If submitting unofficial transcripts, they must be clear and unaltered.

4. Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required. (Letters of recommendation are to be sent to you. Make sure you receive all recommendations before submitting your scholarship packet.)

Before submitting, be sure to review the Application Checklist. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.  Any incomplete packets or packets received after the deadline are subject to DISQUALIFICATION.

How to Apply: (*Note: Only online applications will be eligible)

1: Open Part 1 of the Solarity Scholarship application and save this file to your computer.  (*Note: Do not fill out the form in your internet browser and then try to save, your information will be deleted.) Once this form is saved to your computer, complete all the applicable sections. Once completed, Click “Save As” and include your First and Last name in the File Name. (i.e: John Doe Scholarship Application Part 1)This will need to be uploaded in part 2 of the Scholarship application.  If additional space is needed to answer the questions from Part 1, upload a separate sheet during Part 2 of the application process. (Make sure to include your First and Last name in the File Name)

2: Complete Part 2 of the Solarity Scholarship application (A link to part 2 is located on last page of Part 1 or you can Click Here.)

·         Answer the required questions and make sure to upload all needed files before you submit your application and that all file names include your First and Last name.   These include:

  • o    Essays (3)
  • o    Academic Transcript
  • o    Letters of Recommendation
  • o    Additional Sheets 
  • o    Application Part 1 Saved PDF


Please call 509.248.1720 and ask for the Scholarship Coordinator.

2015 Solarity Scholarships Have Been Awarded

Solarity members Theresa Barney, Shivali Dave, Sy Ruiz, Jacob Stucki and Diana Tran are the recipients of the 2015 Solarity Scholarship for their academic and community achievements.

Who are these outstanding Solarity members?

Diana Tran graduated from University of Washington and will be attending Heritage University. The example her parents set of sacrifice and perseverance after emigrating from Vietnam to America in the 1970s has given Diana the inspiration and drive to achieve her goals. This scholarship will ultimately help her become a better healthcare provider by offering her the opportunity to pursue her education.
Jacob Stucki graduated from West Valley High School and will be attending Brigham Young University. Jacob achieved the Eagle Scout award from Boy Scouts of America. He has a passion for helping others and plans to work in the medical field. This scholarship will help him fulfill his dream of becoming a specialized nurse.
Sy Ruiz graduated from A.C. Davis High School and will be attending University of Washington. Sy is an aspiring business owner and plans to run for a state legislature position in the future. He is committed to serving and helping others for the betterment of the community. This scholarship will help him reach his academic and career goals.
Shivali Dave graduated from the University of Illinois-Chicago and will be attending Heritage University. Shavali has a desire to bring awareness to health care access and delivery of services, specifically for primary and preventive care to those in underserved and urban localities. This scholarship will help relieve the financial burden of her medical education.
Theresa Barney graduated from Wapato High School and will be attending Brigham Young University-Idaho. Theresa and her father were involved in an automobile accident that changed her life. In the hospital she observed the nurses courageously working to help her dad. This experience affected her so much that she knew she wanted to help people in medical situations. She now is an aspiring nurse and will use this scholarship to help achieve her goal.


2015 scholarship recipients have been selected. For information regarding 2016 scholarship applications please visit this page at a later date.

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