Cliff has a brand-new set of wheels, which is quite the upgrade from his old Volkswagen Beetle that was getting too expensive to fix.

“Got tired of it… No heat. I thought well, it's about time for something new and upgrade. So I went looking,” Cliff explains. But there was a problem.

“I didn't have any credit. I paid everything in cash my entire life. So this was a new experience. Very intimidating. I went and talked to my bank about it. Bank said, 'No...we can’t loan you any money on that car.' ... And they weren't very nice about it,” Cliff explains.

But where the big bank said "no," Solarity said "yes" to providing Cliff with the auto loan he needed.

“This was ... the smoothest transaction dealing with any kind of financial institution. Everybody has been kind, considerate and hasn't made me feel like I had my hat in my hand begging. And so overall … it's like having new friends," said Cliff, who is so pleased with how he’s been treated at Solarity, he moved all his accounts here.

"All of my transactions that I do through Solarity are… effortless. For example, using the mobile banking app. I just put my password in instead of having to put the account number and then put a password and then verify. Everything is just with ease. The ATMs are fantastic. Uses upgraded technology, which is nice. My checking account is Dividend Checking. So it pays me a little bit of interest. It just feels nice to have that little extra comfort, that little extra cushion," Cliff says.

And he drives his trusty new car with gratitude.

“Little things like heat, heated seats, good lighting. Not to mention it looks nice. So it's not something I just drove out of a junkyard. But I wouldn't have been able to have done that without help," Cliff says. “It's good to be a member.”

We are so grateful you're a member, Cliff! Thank you for trusting Solarity.

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