At Solarity, we like to live in the moment

There’s no time like the present to share a smile. Lend a hand. Give a little. Maybe it’s because we’re surrounded by optimistic people. Or maybe it’s because we see just how easily what goes around comes around in our community. Solarians celebrate this cycle of positivity with Random Acts of Kindness. We’re not the first to do it, and as long as people keep paying it forward, we won’t be the last.

Perking up your day

We love coffee. (This is the Pacific Northwest, after all.) Our employees have been known to hit the coffee stand and buy a cup for everyone in line for an hour. We’ve also dropped by all-day trainings to provide coffee and treats for the Yakima Police Department. It’s just one small way we can say, “Thank you.”

Doubling down on donations

Wildfires can be devastating, causing property damage and forcing families out of their homes. Solarity employees wanted to help the victims of wildfires in our region. When they collected $1,745 to support this cause, Solarity matched their contributions for a combined donation of $3,490.

Celebrating the spirit of the season

In a case of timing that couldn’t have been worse, the YWCA of Yakima experienced a small fire just before Christmas in 2015. The fire caused a sprinkler system to activate, ruining many of the organization’s supplies and holiday gifts. That’s when Solarity employees sprung into action. They pulled together donations to provide new supplies and gifts, helping the YWCA make the holidays a little merrier for everyone.

See what Solarians do to give back

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