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Experience Extraordinary at Solarity Credit Union

00:03 Mina Worthington When you’re making a career change, when you’re choosing an employer, the most important thing that you need to be looking for is company culture.

00:10 Mina Worthington Company culture is far more important than any of the other elements that you might be considering when looking for a job, such as “what’s my title”, “what’s my promotion opportunity”, and “how much will I make.”

00:19 Mina Worthington Company culture will take care of all of that. If your company culture is good and solid, then the rest of that just all falls together.

00:32 First Interviewee I think positivity means knowing within, it’s a certainty and joy inside of what you’re doing-knowing that you’re making a difference. And positivity is having that joy come through in everything that you do, because you get to make that difference.

00:48 First Interviewee It provides an environment where people want to do business.

00:32 Second Interviewee A transparent approach is important because we have the member’s best interest in mind. We sit down with them and do a little interview to figure out exactly what we need to do.

01:03 Second Interviewee Once we figure out exactly what it is we need to do, we lay out the process of what is going on and we lay out the end result and try to reach that for the member.

01:11 Second Interviewee Transparency is all about being open and honest about what we do and why we do it.

01:19 Third Interviewee I show efficiency at work by looking at the things we do on an ever-day-basis and seeing if there is another way that we could do things more efficiently and faster.

01:30 Third Interviewee When we are more efficient with our time, we are able to spend more time and build those relationships with our members.

01:38 Third Interviewee When you are talking about how to be more efficient, there is a little bit more time that is spent up front, but in the end you are saving a lot of time.

01:50 Fourth Interviewee To be appropriately urgent is simply balancing the task at hand and the needs of the member. It’s important to show urgency, it demonstrates value for our members.

02:00 Fourth Interviewee Time is valuable. It’s not about rushing through tasks; it’s about doing them correctly the first time.

02:10 Fifth Interviewee Sometimes it’s like running your own little business. Results oriented, I think if you don’t have that first and foremost in your mind, you can just let your day go by and do whatever comes along.

02:21 Fifth Interviewee But there’s no end-of-the-day “how did I do, how did it go, what did I accomplish.” Not only is it rewarding for this institution if you are really results oriented-it’s not just about that-it’s self-rewarding as well.

02:38 Sixth Interviewee We look for new tools and new methods to do a better job. At this organization we have the ability to look at things in a new way, and it’s pretty cool.

02:47 Sixth Interviewee A lot of places you can go, you don’t have the opportunity to sort of look at the way technology is, and people and process- you have to follow that flow. Here we can actually take people and technology and process and put it aside and look at things in a new way.

03:00 Sixth Interviewee And figure out if why we are doing this is the best way for the member, and then we can go back to our tools, people and technology and sort of apply pieces to that and make it work for our members.

03:08 Seventh Interviewee Being accountable in our context means you do what you say and you say what you do, and it’s the driver of everything that we do.

03:18 Seventh Interviewee Without accountability nothing else matters. If we have all agreed on a path, and we decided where we want to go, then accountability is the keystone that makes all of that happen and holds all of that together.

03:38 Eight Interviewee It’s very important to focus on numbers. We have to focus on numbers to have those metrics in place, so that we can see exactly where we are, where we are going and how it affects our members.

03:50 Eight Interviewee Also we use that as a tool to make sure that we are not straying away from our vision or our goal.

03:55 Eight Interviewee Numbers affect member service in various ways. So we are a financial institution and we provide financial services, and by providing those services we are helping our members reach their financial goals.

04:09 Eight Interviewee So our financial well-being is dependent on the financial wellbeing of our members.

04:16 Ninth Interviewee Being simple is hard work. We have to think extremely hard to make processes simple for our members.

04:22 Ninth Interviewee And that’s what we are here for, to make their lives easier and to keep things simple.

04:33 Mina Worthington If you are person who reads our core values, and they resonate with your own internal code of conduct, then you are someone who will thrive at Solarity Credit Union.

A note from our CEO

When Solarity was formed from a merger of two credit unions in 2011, a group of employees got together to decide what our guiding principles would be.  They were a great collection of thoughts on how we would behave and what we would believe.  The only problem with them was that the end result was a 3 page document, and no one can (or should) memorize a 3 page document.

Fast forward four years later, and a group of Leaders are preparing for a Board Strategic Planning session.  I wanted to bring something to the Board that spoke to them about the culture that we had been creating at Solarity.  Two people in the room had been on a tour of Zappos a few weeks before that day, and they were sharing about the culture of Zappos.  It struck us at that time that although we had guiding principles established we had not yet defined our core values.  The team quickly came up with our current list of 9 core values.

What’s interesting is that the 2016 group based our core values on what we are, whereas the 2011 group based it on who we wanted to be.  I think that difference is vast.  The core values that we have today are more genuine.  We didn’t try to make them warm and fuzzy, they aren’t aspirational, we didn’t talk about integrity (which is a given!), and we didn’t skirt around the fact that we are a place that requires contribution in return for a paycheck.  Solarians, however, are inspired by them.  These core values speak to their own internal code.  They share core values with the organization, so it is very easy for them to be here and to succeed here.

What are your core values?  Are you inspired by ours?

– Mina Worthington, CEO


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