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We build lasting relationships based on trust, cooperation, and consistency. Because every business is unique, we work to develop a thorough understanding of your history, industry trends, cash flow, and your specific financial goals. From there, we can confidently recommend lending and credit strategies catered to your financial situation and business objectives. Such recommendations may include borrowing up to 80% of appraised value or purchase price (whichever is less on commercial real estate loans) or borrowing from an SBA or USDA guarantee which may offer more options and higher lending amounts. Whichever the recommendation, we always lead with relationship first.

Products at-a-glance

  • Short- and long-term commercial real estate mortgages
  • Construction loans for residential and commercial projects
  • Land acquisition and development loans
  • Unsecured and secured lines of credit
  • Business vehicle loans
  • Business Platinum Visa
  • Easy equipment financing for up to 110% of the purchase price
  • Equipment and machinery loans
  • Loans for inventory and accounts receivable financing
  • USDA B&I loans

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Every transaction I make for my business is handled professionally and with a smile. I have a few business loans with Solarity and have never had anything to complain about.”
- The Garrison Living Trust Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add/remove someone from a business loan?

In order to add or remove an individual from a business loan the credit union would have to agree to refinance or modify the loan in the name of the new qualifying guarantor/borrower.

How long does it take to set up a commercial loan?

The process can take from as little as two weeks to 45 days or more, for more complex credits. A great deal depends upon how quickly you deliver your financial disclosure package to the credit union, and how rapidly we receive third party reports, such as appraisals or environmental reports. But rest assured we strive to get you the financing your business needs as rapidly as possible.

Do you offer loans for start ups?

We do not offer start up loans at this time, but we do offer loans on other collateral one can use to help fund the startup of a new business. The one exception to this might be if the start-up loan request was strongly guaranteed and secured by collateral of unquestioned value.

What if the property value goes up during the life of the loan/line of credit, can my loan/line of credit amount automatically increase?

No, it does not automatically increase. However we would be happy to look at the value of refinancing the loan to be able to utilize the increased equity.

Do you do commercial loans on rentals that are manufactured homes or mobile homes?

Yes on manufactured homes built after 1974 that are affixed to a permanent foundation.

What if the property is unfinished or needs work?

We are able to do loans according to an as is value or as completed value. A holdback of funds would be placed on the amount of work to be completed if the loan amount was for the value as completed.

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