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The financial services market is entering a new era of continuously changing consumer demands. Consumers simultaneously want and need world-class digital capabilities, and in-depth, personalized financial guidance. How will employees approach work when the type of work they actually do will change over their career? With optimism, openness, and ability, they jump right in.

Being a member of our team means understanding that with all the change to come, certain values remain the core of our culture. There is a level of trust and transparency surrounding the employee experience at Solarity. Employees know, and can sense, that through innovation, positivity, and fierce commitment to results, we will succeed together through the journey of change on behalf of the membership. In fact, we will thrive.

Rather than trepidation, we greet change with enthusiastic curiosity, and the will to be on the bleeding edge of new developments. We aim to filter through seas of information and ideas to grasp the most meaningful and best solutions for the membership. We’re not afraid to make decisions, and we’re not afraid to move forward . . . but who is “we?” Am I referring to a small group of executives and the Board of Directors? Yes, I am – as well as every Solarity employee.

The employee experience begins before the first day of work with a robust onboarding experience. Involvement begins immediately, as the employee tours the credit union and interviews each department. The tone has been set for involvement. Curiosity has been peaked. The employee knows that it probably isn’t every CEO that sits down to meet with every newly hired employee. The employee sees that here, communication has no “level,” it is transparent and flowing in every direction throughout the organization. Why? Because it’s one component of building the best possible member experience.

Follow the employee through her first six months. She’s connected with the culture of the credit union and is making a positive difference for members every day. The ultimate compliment arrives one day in her email inbox; a survey response from a member who mentions how she professionally understood and guided the member through a financial situation. Energized and confident, she joins the Guiding Coalition: a group of employees from all areas of the credit union, at all levels. This powerful, enthusiastic team helps put new strategies into effect, and transforms the organization in a positive way. Ideas and strategies flow from and to the Coalition, and they ensure that all stakeholders have a clear view of strategic direction going forward. This may not be a conversation of which she’s ever been a participant. It is now; this is the experience – with each newcomer and those of us with years of longevity. Some start on day one with lofty career goals; some are unsure of their future career path. Either way, employees who have a track record of delighting members are with Solarity for the long haul. The opportunity to be fulfilled professionally with a wide array of paths is made available.

The employee experience as a Solarian evolves swiftly, and because of that, it is immensely fulfilling. Why do we seek to build this kind of experience for employees? It always circles back to the member. Employees who can thrive through change, provide world-class service, and dominate in the industry when it comes to their professional ability will pave the way to thriving in a disrupted business environment.

At Solarity, we’re on the brink of adventure. We’re on the brink for you and because of you, and we’re glad you’re with us.