Why is Culture so important?

A lot has been written of late regarding how a firm’s core values affect all aspects of the firm’s performance and relationships. In fact a Google search on “How core values affect a company’s performance” results in over 5.6 million returns! One of the most telling is a recent research paper entitled “Evaluating Espoused Values: Does Articulating Values Pay Off?” ( Jonsen, Galunic, Weeks and Braga, 2015).

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Why Solarity doesn’t “cross sell”

Visit any media outlet and you will undoubtedly encounter a full array of stories about Wells Fargo duping its customers into accounts they didn’t know about, didn’t want and potentially had no use for. The institutions’ obvious lapse in judgement is being blamed on low-level staff members, over 5,300 of which have subsequently been fired, while the head of that bank division walked away with over $125 million in severance! The actions perpetrated by Wells Fargo are outrageous and blatantly unethical. However, it raises the question, are all financial institutions the same? The answer is no and here’s why.

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