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Bill Gates once said he’d rather hire the lazy people since they find the easiest ways to accomplish given tasks. I’ve seen that quote float around the internet many times and just like my annoying uncle on Facebook, I believe everything on the internet is true. Process Improvement is finding the best ways to achieve a task. A goal is set and all processes are fine-tuned every day to help us reach that goal. At Solarity, the goal is member experience. My every day job duties involve improving the processes across the organization for gaining efficiency but not at the cost of member experience. We prioritize the list of improvements based on the member impact score and volume. We try to understand the pain-points faced by our members and find solutions for addressing those pain-points. These solutions do not necessarily make work easier for our staff. For example, we are looking at digital solutions/systems that will make our online process effortless for our mortgage borrowers but will be adding work to our loan officers and assistants. Everybody accepts this additional work with a smile as the Solarity culture that is instilled in every one of us reminds us every single day that we are here to serve our members.


I spend most of my time interacting with my fellow Solarians, following them during their day-to-day work tasks and hounding them with questions during their busy hours. I haven’t come across a single interaction where one was hesitant because one was busy. They always make time for me and my questions as they know that I’m here to make the process easier for them, but more importantly, for our members. After a bunch of process maps are created for every project, I then brain storm possible areas of improvements and solutions with my manager and then with the department’s manager. Everybody has some amazing creative ideas that are evaluated by our hardworking IT department. In the end, the systems capabilities determine the implementation of our ideas. Other times, I spend a lot of time researching on start-ups and other technology out there that will help us and our members. It is amazing to work in an organization that is focused on our members and similar culture is prevalent as a work culture. Everybody is willing to help and always answer any questions we may have with a smile even though they are really busy. As a fairly new department at the organization, I get to work closely with the senior management on most of my projects, and every Executive has an open door policy in order to encourage collaboration and questions. Having a first-hand impact on our members’ experience, and working with such amazing people is what makes my job sweeter than the French vanilla coffee mate creamer in my daily coffee. Okay, that is a lie, but it’s pretty damn close!