Goodbye red tape. Hello cherry red.

Take the wheel. Put yourself in the driver’s seat. Grab the keys. Pick any overused lending analogy, and let’s roll. Because it’s not about clever wordplay— it’s about understanding what you can afford and anticipating your needs and potential roadblocks. Whether you’re headed to a dealer or buying from a third party, we’re able to guide you to a streamlined solution perfect for both your short-term goals and long-term financial health.

Working with Dealers

You can get a new or used auto loan with Solarity right from the dealership, through our Dealership Partner Program. Just visit any participating dealer in Washington and ask for financing through Solarity Credit Union. With the same great rates and terms, it just makes sense to get financed and drive away—all in a single visit to the dealer. You can get approved at the dealership or if you’ve already been pre-approved, there’s no need to come back to us; just let the dealer know you’ve been pre-approved with Solarity.

We have two auto loans with Solarity and from the inception of each, the interactions went extremely smoothly, and the staff was helpful and knowledgeable.”
- Thomas Jaussaud, Solarian since 2005

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it be until I get the title to my vehicle?

Is there a penalty to pay my loan off earlier?

My car payment is due today. Is it alright if I come in tomorrow and pay it?

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