Solarity checking and credit cards put your bucket list at your fingertips and allow you to spend less time managing your money and more time enjoying it. Versatile, transparent spending options coupled with smart digital features creates savvy Solarians who are keenly aware of their finances and can go on living spontaneously and spending more time in the moments that matter most.

Why Solarity

You can get a spending account anywhere. We provide a partnership to lean on whenever you need help or have questions. A financial Sherpa, in other words, who fully understands members’ financial situations, can anticipate members’ needs, and can lead them safely through the even Mt. Everest-sized financial decisions.

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Membership begins with savings

Every Solarity membership begins with opening a savings account. Just a $5 minimum deposit buys you a ticket to equal ownership of our financial co-op and a voice to elect our volunteer Board of Directors. And that’s the beauty of credit unions—as a not-for-profit financial cooperative, the money we earn is returned to our members to create extraordinary experiences and to reduce member rates and fees.

Our Savings Account


I have been a member of Solarity nearly my whole life and have always been satisfied with the personal service. A while ago, I had a couple accounts with a well known national bank—but I have since dropped those accounts due to the great strides that Solarity has to advance their technology services.”
- Roy Wilson, Solarian since 1990

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solarity Credit Union's routing number?

Can I make payments on my loan over the phone?

Does Solarity partner with any other credit unions or participate in shared branching?

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