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Establishing good credit is a big deal, and Solarity is here to help you gather the basics.

Your credit history is important when looking to buy a home, finance a car or apply for a credit card.

Potential employers also may review your credit report. A few late payments could be the difference between landing a job on walnut street or living off of peanuts.

Plus, a good credit rating will give you peace of mind, knowing that when you need to borrow money, you can.

The first step is to establish credit. Apply for a credit card, use it appropriately and begin making payments. It’s important to consistently pay on time.

Avoid closing accounts and opening too many new ones.

Improving your credit score takes time. Start by paying off high balances.

Maxing out your cards could have a lasting impact on your credit report, so be sure to manage your expenses.

Use credit wisely and check your credit report annually to avoid potential issues.

If you see something squirrelly on your credit report, write a formal letter to the reporting agency to dispute the claim. Track your credit by requesting a report from the credit reporting bureaus.

You can visit to request free copies of all three reports.

Follow these important steps and your credit will remain healthy for years so you can be as happy as a squirrel with a tree full of acorns.

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Gathering the Facts on Credit

Don’t let your credit report drive you nuts! Give yourself some credit, and let Solarity help you gather the facts on your score. Orange you glad Solarity is here for you?

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