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When I was asked to write a blog about why member experience is important, I immediately thought ‘Piece of cake! I can hammer that out in 15 minutes!’  Yet, as I sat down to write it, I struggled. Not because it isn’t important to me, but because the member experience is unique to everyone and there really isn’t a perfect way of explaining why it is so important. I could give you the statistics that 33% of consumers share good experiences with more than five people, or that 74% of consumers have spent more money due to good experiences…. Or to really drill in the importance I could share that 54% of consumers talk about bad experiences with more than five people. But statistics are not what the member’s experience is about. The member experience is about the lasting effects you leave with the relationship you built with the individual at your desk or on the phone at that very moment.

Let me share a story to help you understand why the member experience is so important to Solarity. A few months ago a younger member, let’s call her Fran, reached out to the Member Contact Center. Fran was calling because she had received her Solarity checks in the mail and needed to write a check out to her landlord. Fran had never written a check and needed help on how to fill it out. The Agent went over the basics of the check, but after listening to Fran ask more questions, the Agent quickly realized that Fran was not provided a financial literacy class in school, nor was it taught to her by her parents.  While the Agent answered the simple questions that Fran was asking, she knew that this member needed much more than just the basics of a check.

What the Agent did next is the exact reason why the member experience is so important. When the Agent got off the phone with Fran, she knew she could have a bigger impact on this member’s financial future. With the help of her manager, she found a comprehensive book that targeted the younger generation on financial literacy. The Agent then mailed this book along with a handwritten note that reassured the member we are here to answer any questions she has now, or in the future and that the book provides some great tips on how to be successful with money management.  This isn’t just an experience, this is a life changing moment for this member, and THAT is why the member experience is so important.

When you can understand and empathize with a member about their situation, and you can provide what may seem like a simple solution, yet it evolves into a so much more for the member… that moment, for that individual member that you are helping at that very instance, is the exact reason why the member experience is so important. Without taking the time to really listen to a members’ situation, you become order takers that simply deliver a product or service- not a member experience.