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My first job out of college in 2011 was for the State of Washington Department of Financial Institutions Division of Banks as a financial examiner in Seattle.  Over almost three years I examined nearly 30 community financial institutions all over the state and met their executive teams, learned about their strategies, assessed their financials, and came to a conclusion about their overall health.  I gained an incredible insight into the various drivers of community financial institutions across the state.

While my wife and I both loved Seattle and our jobs, we were ready to be closer to family and move to Yakima. However, because we both loved our jobs, we agreed to only move if we could find organizations that provided an environment where we would be happy and could grow.

I found Solarity Credit Union and applied for a position that fit my talents and interests.  Shortly after applying, I spoke with our recruiter, Kim Sevigny, who gave me information about the position, our core values, and growth opportunities.  After speaking with Kim and completing the selection process, I knew this was a special opportunity and I was lucky enough to be offered an interview.

I knew I wanted to be part of Solarity after interviewing with Ralph Cumbee. The obvious commitment to helping members by exhibiting our core values spoke volumes about the organizational culture that had been created.  I left the interview more excited than I ever thought possible about the potential to work for an organization.

After joining the Solarity team in January of 2016, the excitement I had during my interview was validated once I met other employees, and especially our Chief Executive Officer, Mina Worthington.  I quickly came to learn that the accountability, transparency, and positivity identified as part of our core values were more than just buzz words chosen to attract talent, it was a way of life that everyone, from the executive team down to the tellers, believed in and practiced every day.

I can say with the utmost confidence, that out of the nearly 30 community financial institutions I have gotten to know in the State of Washington, I have never seen an organization care more about their members than Solarity Credit Union.  Every single employee, whether member facing or not, works tirelessly each day to ensure they understand our members needs so they can anticipate what they’ll need next, and then guide them through those situations or decisions.  I am lucky to be part of such an amazing organization and I look forward to many years to come growing alongside Solarity Credit Union and helping our members.