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The Why

To be the financial services organization of choice for people who want extraordinary experiences. This is “the why;” this is filter every member interaction, every decision and every project is run through at Solarity. If a project doesn’t pass this filter it doesn’t get approved to move forward.

The What

If it provides extraordinary experiences for our members, has a budget and a timeline we consider it a project. This means that the new server being installed in our data center to improve speed of transactions or the implementation of a brand new website to enhance member experience or upgrading our intranet, allowing us to find answers more quickly and efficiently for our members are all projects. It also means that the creation of an entirely new concept in member experience, a location whose sole purpose is to provide extraordinary experiences through personal engagement, is a project. These are “the what,” and just a few examples of the variety and exciting projects we run at Solarity.

The How

Over time we have fine-tuned our project process from the ground up. As Solarity grows, so too does our project process. We started with projects run by managers with a basic idea of what needed to be done and a list of tasks. While we were successful this didn’t allow for us to scale. We have since grown into a project management office with our foundation based on project management industry standards, which allows us to run multiple projects for business owners across the entire organization. This is “the how,” a projects department that is agile, flexible and scalable that can handle any project that will provide extraordinary experiences for our members.

By being agile, flexible and scalable we create and implement projects that provide extraordinary experiences for our members.