Quality of life is a pretty popular term when people are trying to describe what living in an area is like. I could go on and on about the work/life balance and recreational opportunities in our area and economic makeup. But let’s skip past all that- that’s what Wikipedia is for. Let me tell you, from my perspective, what the top 10 reasons are for living in Yakima, why I love Yakima, and why the quality of life here is unbeatable.

1.       The fruit. It is fresh. So fresh that most of the time I go pick it directly from the field. Not only can you pick it here, you can get picky. I have gotten to the point where I only eat fresh apples that don’t have wax on them. Yes, wax. That is why your apples are shiny in the store.

2.       The sun. Even when it rains, which is rare, it is sunny. There is no way you can be seasonally depressed here. If you need vitamin D, move to Yakima. You probably heard it before, but we have 300 days of sunshine.

3.       The drive or lack thereof. I live out in the country, and I am 16 minutes from work; door to door. On the three miserable days a year with lots of snow, it is 30 minutes. I can leave work at 5 pm and actually have a homemade dinner on the table by 5:45.

4.       Living here is cheap. I bought my house in pretty good shape, 4,000 square feet, and 6 acres of land, a barn and some outbuildings…for $209,000.

5.       It is central. I can pretty much access anything I want to do within a couple hours’ drive. I can enjoy a hike in the mountains, float the river, shop in Seattle, or go to Hubby’s pizza in Kennewick, all within two hours.

6.       The people here are genuinely good, honest people. We have an incredibly giving community, especially when it comes to our non-profits. And if you say hi to anyone, I guarantee they will give you a friendly hello back

7.       I don’t have to compromise. I have a fantastic job, a large house and because the cost of living is so cheap, I can still afford to travel the world.

8.       I love the Pacific Northwest. There is something about the combination of the terrain and the people that make the Pacific Northwest where I belong. My all-time favorite weekend is in Packwood for the swap meet, where you can meet every actual professional lumberjack, Great Dane owner, and yard sale junkie in the state, all in one place.

9.       The pace of life. People work hard here. Extremely hard. Just follow any one of our farmers here around for a day. But everyone here has an appreciation for family and our area and takes the time to focus on that.

10.   I can make an impact. I mentioned earlier about our giving community, but the amount of non-profits that are committed to making a difference is astounding. It also gives me endless opportunities to serve on boards and volunteer.

While I limited myself to only ten, I could go on for much longer. And I promise you, that if you live in Yakima too, you will find your very own top ten that truly makes the Yakima area your home.