In the near future, a touch of a screen is all you will need to apply for a loan, pay your bills, and transfer money to family and friends.  Members who visit Solarity Credit Union’s digital ecosphere will be amazed and inspired by a simple, seamless banking experience.

Our completely redesigned website is the first step in creating that seamless banking experience. The website provides enhanced communication to our members and empowers Solarity Credit Union to understand, anticipate and guide you through complex financial decisions better than any other financial provider. Along with the new website Solarity also introduced an intelligent search feature that is a key factor in creating a simple banking experience for members and enables you to quickly find the information you need.  The site launched on September 27th and has received great feedback.  Members are complimenting us on the speed and efficiency of our new live chat feature which is becoming a popular way to receive an immediate answer to questions members have about their accounts.  Additionally we’ve seen an increase with members scheduling appointments online with our mortgage experts to inquire about buying a new home.  The online appointment scheduler launched with the new website and allows members to pick the time you’d like to come in and then it immediately reserves the time for both you and the mortgage loan officer.   The new website is the first digital initiative and next year we’ll roll out the second digital initiative: the addition of a brand new digital banking platform.

In the summer of 2017 Solarity members will have a consistent experience across all channels and devices when they log in to use our digital banking services. They can expect a seamless member journey anytime and anyplace, that is easy to use, and provides all the functionality you’d expect when you walk into your local branch.  Members will have the ability to turn their credit cards on or off, take a picture of a bill and pay it right away or take a picture of your loan from another bank and have it transferred to Solarity.  We’re very excited that members will easily be able to split and share their bills and payments among family and friends, have access to an online financer manager, and instantly send money to anyone, anywhere in the world for free.

At Solarity, our goal is to create extraordinary experiences for every one of our members every time you interact with us.  And to that end, your experience with us is the best measure of our success as your financial institution.