Solarity launched a ‘Voice of the Member’ initiative in October of 2015, and we have received nearly 5,000 surveys since inception. Of those nearly 5,000 surveys, we have responded to every single one.  The driver behind this effort was to hear directly from our membership about pain points they experience, and also areas in which we are doing well. This feedback has been invaluable for us, and we have used it to make numerous improvements.  We also use the feedback to reward our team members that are providing the world class service we seek to deliver.

Here are just a few improvements we’ve made based on our members’ call to action: Our members stated they wanted to make their payments on loans with us quicker, easier, and from any source of funds. In response, we will be launching a payment portal directly from our website that will allow for payments to be made on any loan with us. To answer the need for faster service with more first contact resolution, we’ve opened a new Engagement Center on Nob Hill Blvd. This is a pilot concept that embodies what we think the future of financial services looks like. As such, the routine transactions will be performed with state of the art ATMs that our highly trained Engagement Center Guides will be available to assist with. These guides are some of the most highly trained branch staff in the banking world, and they have the ability to resolve most issues on the spot. In the case where there is further expertise needed, our members will have access to support staff with the guide facilitating the solution. Another feature in the Engagement Center is quicker access to Mortgage Loan Officers. We are using military grade security to offer interactive video access to new Digital Mortgage Loan Officers that have received specialized training for digital lending. We also heard that some of our members were struggling with their technology and these guides are there for assistance and training for all of our valued members

We’ve also refined our surveying process. When our members said our surveys were too long, we shortened them to just four key questions. We wanted to give our members an easy opportunity to offer feedback whenever they wanted, so we built a non-transactional survey link into our new website.

Members don’t want to wait on the phone when they call our contact center, so we’re installing a brand new, highly efficient phone center software solution with an eye to driving down wait times and driving up first contact resolutions. In addition, we are deploying more cash automation machines and ATMs in our busiest offices. Why stand in line when you can use one of the machines or your phone to do your transactions?  We’ve made numerous small changes to our processes based upon member comments. While any one of these is a world changer, taken together they will save considerable time and improve efficiency.

We heard that members didn’t want a lot of mail from us, especially about products like insurance, so we’ve ended the offering. Now, when you hear from us it will be important. There are many more, and all are making a difference for our members. Thank you all for your valuable feedback. We are listening and taking action.