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Corporate culture is a collective value system shared among an organization’s employees. It’s what gives an organization personality and purpose. Organizational values largely influence both the employee and customer experiences, whether intended or not.

Why does that matter? If corporate culture can define the customer experience, great care must be invested to develop a culture that leads to the desired results. Of equal importance is selecting the right people based on their cultural fit. To maximize success, an organization must strive to hire employees that share the core values and support the vison of the organization. Likewise, employees who work in an environment that aligns with their values will likely experience greater satisfaction and personal success.

At Solarity Credit Union, our culture is clearly stated and referenced often. It is continuously evaluated to remain relevant and fiercely protected by ensuring the cultural fit of current and future employees. Our culture embraces innovation, positivity, and urgency, but also requires fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability. Solarity is committed to providing extraordinary experiences to its members as well as its staff. The success of that commitment is dependent upon the organizational commitment to the core values. That’s why it matters to us.