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Have you fallen in love with the relaxed and happy feeling that consumes you when you spend time in the Tri-Cities? Do you find yourself fantasizing about buying a second home in the Tri-Cities? You’re not alone. The Tri-Cities is rapidly becoming a second-home destination in the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately, investing in a house in this amazing outdoor playground won’t bust your budget.

Why the Tri-Cities Second-Home Market is So Hot

Some second-home markets soar because they are close to the beach, mountains, or they inspire the spirit through an array of cultural activities. The Tri-Cities offers an endless variety of water-related recreational opportunities due to its spectacular location at the confluence of the Snake, Columbia, and Yakima Rivers. There are gorgeous mountains nearby to climb and admire. And they have the culture part covered through an enchanting selection of historic sites, galleries, and museums.

In addition to a vast menu of fantastic outdoor activities and enriching cultural offerings, the Tri-Cities sits in the heart of Washington’s fabled wine country. The 300 plus wineries in the area delight wine enthusiasts.

Despite all of the excellent reasons that we’ve just mentioned, we believe that people flock to the Tri-Cities because this region of Washington delivers far more than just some of the best recreational opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. Here are some of the additional reasons that buying a second home here is a wise financial move:

  • Real Estate Appreciation– Housing prices have risen over 8% this year and are approximately 36% higher now than they were five years ago. Steady appreciation is much more sustainable long-term than in areas where prices shoot up and then fall back to earth.
  • Affordable Houses- The current median home price in Kennewick is $254,200 according to Zillow. By contrast, the median home price in Bend, Oregon is $418,000. We won’t even mention the costs closer to Seattle since we all know that home values are entering the stratosphere in the area around Seattle. The simple fact is that you’ll get much more value for the money in the Tri-Cities.
  • Exceptional Employment- The Tri-Cities has a vibrant economy, and there are many jobs in the construction, hospitality, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and education fields. Unemployment levels are at record lows according to the Tri-City Herald. The strong economy helps to sustain home values and will help to ensure that your investment thrives.