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Solarity recognizes that its greatest strength is its employees.  A highly competent and intrinsically motivated team is what sets us apart from the competition.  In light of this, Solarity has just completed a comprehensive overhaul of its onboarding and training program.  This program is designed to ensure that all Solarians are ready and able to provide to our members an extraordinary experience.

The program is subdivided into phases.  Phase 1 is applicable to all new Solarians and is focused on enculturation.  Within this module, you will be exposed to our Vision, Value Statement, Core Values, and the concepts and principles that underlay our commitment to extraordinary member service.   This phase also provides you with time to familiarize yourself with the organization, to begin to develop your internal network, and to engage with senior leadership.

Depending upon your role, you will then participate in one or more additional phases of this program wherein technical skills are developed and you are given an opportunity to integrate these skills with our service strategies – which sees you delivering extraordinary experiences before even leaving the program!  We also recognize that a key piece of your development happens in the work environment. This is where everything comes together, and in light of this, successful completion of a structured on-the-job training program represents the conclusion of your initial training.

From here, we’ve created a learning journey that takes you through your entire first year with us.  Included in this journey are enhancements or deeper dives into our service philosophy, additional opportunities to enhance your technical skills, more opportunity to build relationships and grow your network, and celebration activities to recognize your achievements along the way.

While all of this takes place during your first year with us, this is not the end of our commitment to you.  We offer continued developmental opportunities throughout your career.  Stay tuned for future updates about our commitment to career development for all Solarians.