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So, you’ve decided to build a house instead of buying an existing one. Your decision is exciting because you get to customize your home the way you want. Designing your own home allows you to customize the little details like where you want your outlets to go, walk-in showers, and marble countertops. Or, you can make some big decisions by adding a bathroom for every bedroom.

While the choice is yours when it comes to the home building process, it is wise to learn few things previous homebuilders wish they knew before beginning construction on their dream home.

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It’s The Little Things

The small details that affect building a house will make a significant impact on your quality of life in the future. Some things to consider while still in the beginning phases of construction are:


Consider where you’re going to want the outlets in your home and how many you’ll want. For example, in the master bedroom, you probably want one on each side of your bed. Another thing to remember is that outlets can now come with USB ports. So, you might choose to install those in a room like a home office.

Ceiling height

You might find it easy to overlook this aspect of your home – unless you’re six-foot-four and want ceiling fans and light fixtures. Or, you’re five-foot even and need a ladder to reach the kitchen cabinets. While you’re building, the height of your ceilings are essential to think about, so you don’t wind up hitting your head or using a ladder just to reach your cups.


How many times have you not had enough storage? Not enough room in the closets, nowhere to store the strollers and baby clothes? Building your house gives you ample opportunity to change this. If you’ve always wanted a walk-in closet with a vanity, then this is your time to get it.

After you get the little things out of the way, you can begin designing how your home will appear and function.

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Major Appliance Placement

Consider what kind of appliances you want in your kitchen and where to place them. Do you want a range stove or a cooktop?  Where would you prefer your sink? You have a chance to put things where you want them. Take advantage of that opportunity.

Cabinet and Pantry Space

Are you the type of person that needs the extra cabinet and pantry space? Add all the extra storage your kitchen needs.

Kitchen Island

Do you want a kitchen island for the extra counter space or would you rather the floor be open? If you decide you do want an island, consider if you’ll wish to store things underneath of it or if it will contain a sink or cooktop.

Building your own home gives you a rare authority of deciding where the essential components will go, to have your household functioning at its best.



Not only do you get to choose what design of tiles go on your bathroom floor, but you can also opt to have heated ones installed. They are designed for those cold mornings and middle of the night bathroom trips in your bare feet so that you won’t get cold.


You decide what kind of toilet you are going to be using too. Believe it or not, there is a vast variety available for your choosing.

The bathroom is one of the places you’ll spend the most time. Another area that will consume your time at home is the bedroom.



Before any construction begins, think about where you want your bedrooms. Consider this for other rooms of the house too. Having a quiet place to sleep is vital. Make sure they are away from the noisy areas of the house. For example, you wouldn’t want the master bedroom right beside the living room or kids’ playroom.

While it’s necessary to plan ahead for the layout inside your home.  The outside of your house is imperative to plan how you’ll customize as well.


Porches, Decks, and Patios

Think about additions to the outside of your home. Do you want a back deck or a wrap around porch? What about a patio or screened in porch?


If you have children or pets, having a fenced yard is probably extremely appealing to you. Analyze what type of material you want your fence made of and how high you want it to stand.

Your house, your property, your decisions. Carefully plan your home and yard to fit your lifestyle and family’s wants and needs.

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Pet location

If you have pets, you might think about where you want them located inside and outside your home. Instead of putting a leash on your dog every time they need to use the bathroom, fence in your yard and install a doggie door. This door will give you and them freedom.

Security Cameras

Protecting all your hard work is essential. You’ve invested in this house. You’ve put blood, sweat, tears, money, and more into making it the house of your dreams. Plan ahead for where you’ll wire a security system and cameras to ensure not only your family’s safety but that of your home as well.

Safe Room

Having a safe room can be critical when it comes to natural disaster and other unfortunate events. It’s invariably beneficial to have a plan in place for every type of emergency. Depending on where you live, you might want to include a tornado or hurricane shelter.


Your small home plans can turn into dreams come true.

Don’t forget about the little things when designing a blueprint for your home. Before you build your walls, take pictures of each room, so you don’t have to hunt for your studs later when hanging up your favorite photos.  The process of building a house is an opportunity to customize and get it perfectly right.