Corporate giving has become a popular trend, but in the end, what matters most is why a company chooses to give back. Intention affects results. We believe that, through our Give Back program we achieve success by making our members and the communities we serve better places to live.

We take great care in only selecting non-profits we believe in and align best with our core values—because when we sponsor a cause we’re all in and committed to helping drive success.

Apply to be part of our Give Back program

Welcome to our online application process, we appreciate you taking the time to fill out the application. Solarity looks forward to reviewing your request and we appreciate your commitment to our local communities. To ensure all applications are reviewed in a timely manner, we request that all Give Back program applications be submitted using our online application process.

A couple of items to check:

  • Is your event at least 30 days out from your submission date? We do require a minimum of 30 days from the date the application is submitted to the date of the event.
  • Have you checked the sponsorship and donation guidelines below? We are unable to accommodate any requests that do not meet our guidelines, so we do ask that you take a look at those before starting the application process.

Please be sure to answer the above questions to help determine your events’ eligibility. We look forward to reviewing your application! Once your application is received, Solarity will contact you within two weeks. Should you have any questions about our Give Back program or your application, please email Solarity at

As part of our partnership with you, we will ask that you to submit stories and pictures of the project upon completion for us to share. Solarity reserves the right to use photos for any media purpose which may include, among others, advertising, promotion, marketing and packaging for any product or service.

To apply, fill out application completely. Remember:

  • Download and save the application to your computer. Information will not be saved within your browser.
  • Open the application on your computer and type within the fields to complete part 1 of the application
  • Do not leave questions blank. If your response is “none,” “no,” or “not applicable,” please state as such.
  • Once completed, click “Save As” and include your event name in the file name (e.g., XYZ Festival Application part 1).
  • Click here to upload your application, along with any supplementary information. Be sure to complete the all required fields, and click ‘Submit’.

If you have additional information you would like to include, need more space to answer the questions, or can provide a list of all sponsorship levels including the breakdown of benefits, please upload to part 2 of the Give Back program application.

Sponsorship and Donation Guidelines

We’re proud to sponsor events and nonprofits committed to enriching our local community. Although we aim to collaborate with a variety of groups that represent the well-being of the communities we call home—we are unable to fund the following:

  • Advocacy or lobbying for narrow or specific interests.
  • Provincial and national athletes, teams and organizations.
  • Contingency funds.
  • For-profit organizations (i.e., businesses).
  • Unregistered charities.
  • Areas outside the communities we serve.
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion or lifestyle.
  • Political projects or programs.
  • Religious or faith-based projects or programs.
  • Requests solely for operating or administrative expenses.
  • Requests solely for travel, accommodation and/or meal expenses of a private individual.
  • Fraternal organizations or commercial third party fund-raising groups.
  • Support for individuals or individual families.
  • Support of fundraising or participatory events such as tournaments, auctions, benefits, dinners or other ticket purchases that do not support an established non-profit charity.
  • Education programs outside of the predetermined credit union partner, such as Junior Achievement.
  • Employees: Any event, sports team, etc. of a Solarity Credit Union employee or their child(ren) that would directly offset the expense of the event to the employee will not be sponsored
  • Building projects that are city/county sponsored, considered speculative, and not fully funded by other means; this may include parks, stadiums, road, bridges, public art, etc.

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