Follow these steps to send money via PayPal in online banking:

  1. First, locate ‘Transfers & Payments’ in the left sidebar and click the dropdown
  2. Select ‘Make a Transfer’
  3. In the first column, select the account where the funds will be coming from
  4. In the middle column, select ‘Any Phone or Email (via PayPal)’
  5. In the last column, enter the recipient’s name, phone number or email address, and country
  6. Indicate whether the funds are going to ‘Family and Friends’ or to pay for ‘Goods and Services’
    NOTE: You will never be charged a fee for sending money via PayPal, however the recipient may be charged a fee if ‘Goods and Services’ is selected
  7. Enter the payment amount
  8. You have the option to enter a transaction memo for your records, and a memo for this transfer for the recipient. These are strictly optional.
  9. Select ‘Transfer Now’
  10. Confirm your transfer information is correct, and select ‘Confirm transfer’