Save for your next vacation

Already planning your next escape? The key to any trip is being smart with your money—and that starts long before you book plane tickets.

How much do I need to save for a trip?

Be sure to account for more than hotel and airfare when calculating the budget for your next excursion. Meals, tours, transportation, tips, gifts—the list of unexpected purchases goes on and on. Make sure your budget plans on you spending money throughout the trip.


Tip: Open a dedicated savings account

Tip: Give "Pantry Week" a try

Tip: Create a budget and slash expenses

Tip: Check travel company and airline deals

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Ready to start saving today?

Our Basic Savings Account


Vacations can get expensive fast. Transportation, lodging food—and then there's the stuff you don't plan for. It all adds up fast. While we don't recommend taking out a loan to finance your next trip, there are a ton of other ways to save and consolidate costs to get you on a plane sooner than you may think. Talk with your financial provider about your goal and budget and they should be able to point you to savings solutions that fit your needs.

Why shouldn't I borrow money for a vacation?

It’s not that you don’t deserve a break—you do. Let’s just work to save for that all-inclusive trip to Cancun rather than get a loan or charge up credit cards. Trust us: The stress incurred by the debt will far outweigh what you felt before taking the vacation.

The many ways we can help you save money

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