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Sure, we’ve all dreamed about becoming a ballerina, a rock star, a famous chef. Because you probably didn’t know enough about Solarity to dream about becoming a Solarian, we thought we would share a sneak peek into some of the roles we offer. Everyone in the organization gets a job mission, rather than a job description, which gives you a truer understanding of your role in our strategic direction. Here’s insight from some of our own employees:

Role: Financial Guide

Mission: Create extraordinary experiences for members. Establish, maintain, and go the extra mile to build warm, consultative relationships with members. Embody and emanate Solarity core values: advocate, educate, advise, follow through for members on issues and transactions that are within and outside of job responsibilities of Financial Guide role. Members exit each interaction with Financial Guide better off financially, and with a stronger loyalty to Solarity.

Key responsibilities: Processing of consumer loans, creating new accounts, assisting Members with questions about their account.

Valued skills: Empathy, flexibility, attention to detail, easygoing, and outgoing.

Where you can find this person throughout the day: Meeting with members, greeting members, and assisting tellers with questions.

What’s rewarding about this position: The amount of thanks received when members can really see that you’ve gone above and beyond to create a comfortable, productive banking experience for them.

Sneak peek provided by: Tashae

Role: Process Improvement Analyst

Mission: Create a sustainable and scalable competitive advantage for the organization via process improvement. Develop and execute business process improvements, resulting in an efficiency ratio ranked among the top 10% nationwide (when compared against credit unions that pay for the property in which they conduct operations).

Key responsibilities: Understanding different processes, identifying pain points, and eliminating bottlenecks in everyday processes across the entire organization.

Valued skills: Conducting interviews, project management, measuring and analyzing data, brainstorming, and prioritizing.

Where you can find this person throughout the day: In multiple departments, observing and analyzing different processes.

What’s rewarding about this position: Having an impact on coworkers’ processes and the reactions when their work is easier and more efficient.

Sneak peek provided by: Adi

Role: Central Operations Assistant

Mission: Create extraordinary experiences for members and internal clients by going the extra mile to build and support branch relationships and electronic channels such as ATM, ACH, and wire. Provide a warm, friendly, and sincere professional greeting and interaction to inspire a positive personal touch. Demonstrate and achieve Solarity core values with success and confidence. Develop teamwork and enhance constructive communication to find the best solution. Perform and improve departmental strategies, policies, and procedures to achieve strategic goals. First-time resolution of issues is paramount.

Key responsibilities: Support for the frontline, first and foremost! I also process ACH, process and balance Check 21, post Share Drafts, handle all credit and debit card–related issues, process and distribute mail . . . just to name a few.

Valued skills: Accountable, patient, flexible, excellent communicator. Able to multitask and handle interruptions. Willing to embrace and model core values. Always thinking outside the box. Must be familiar with products and services offered by credit union.

Where you can find this person throughout the day: At my desk by the front doors of the South 5th branch.

How this person goes above and beyond: I always ask, “How can I help?” I never say “That’s not my job.” If I can add value to any situation, I will gladly volunteer my services. I know what it’s like to be a customer getting mediocre service, so I want to provide exceptional service to make everyone’s life a little easier.

What’s rewarding about this position: Supporting the frontline. I love being able to assist staff members when they have questions and need help. It makes me feel good to be a “go-to” person for my coworkers. I want the MSR to be confident in the answers they provide to the members, and for the members to leave feeling that their needs were met. I love seeing extraordinary experiences play out and the effect this has on everyone involved.

Sneak peek provided by: Kari

Role: Business Relationship Manager

Mission: To create extraordinary experiences for current and potential business members by understanding their financial situation, anticipating their needs and guiding them through complex financial decisions better than any other provider. Build and maintain relationships with businesses that will provide mutually beneficial and sustainable revenue streams for the Credit Union while delivering substantial value to the Member business.  Be a highly capable financial counselor that routinely refers deposit products and deepens member share of wallet using cooperative relationship principles while growing profitability.

Key responsibilities: Commercial loans, building lasting and loyal relationships with businesses and business owners.

Valued skills: General knowledge of business functions, good sales ability, and an outgoing personality.

Where you can find this person throughout the day: Visiting local businesses and business owners

What’s rewarding about this position: Being able to help business owners with all of their financial needs, while helping educate them.

Sneak peek provided by: Ben

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