Business Banking

Our relationship with business owners throughout Washington doesn’t begin with products and services.

We don’t offer some deal of the week or one-time rates just to get you in the door. Instead, we listen to your goals, work to understand and anticipate your needs and guide you to financial solutions tailored to fit your company’s unique needs. Solarity is more than just a secure place to easily save, access and manage your company’s money—we take the time to build a true financial partnership that propels your business forward.

The Digital Solutions Your Business Demands

We’ve distilled all the features you love about our locations into a smart, always-open digital branch. Available both online and mobile, Solarity’s digital features, such as Mobile Deposit, online bill pay and eStatements, make it easy to visualize and manage your company’s money so you can get your banking done and move on with your day.

Business Online Banking

Here’s how we get to know you

Our process is more consultative than many expect. When we meet with you, we will spend the time to learn about your business in the following areas.
Understand your financial situation

What does your fiscal performance look like? We’ll review balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements (collections and disbursements), transfers within the company, investments, and tax records for at least the past three years.

Current Objectives

What’s getting in the way of you reaching your current goals? Let’s discuss day-to-day operations, obstacles, and examine how they are shaped or even compromised by any financial hurdles.

Industry Trends

What changes are you noticing in your industry? Let’s step back and look at the big picture by comparing trends you’re noticing with our own research using the latest industry financial statement spreading software to determine your financial performance ratios. Then we can provide long-term recommendations and start developing a plan with you.

Long term Goals

Where do you see your business in three to five years? We break down your fiscal goals, industry trends and roadblocks to formulate a comprehensive plan.

How we understand your business

We don’t pull products and solutions for your business out of thin air. We do quite the opposite, actually, because before we can guide your business and make sound, individualized recommendations, we invest the time to thoroughly understand your company’s history, current financial pain points, future goals, and the learning how you fit into the competitive landscape of your industry. Whether you’re financing a new facility or just looking for areas of saving, let us guide you to the right solution for your business without being nickeled and dimed.

Solarity has always been a great place to bank for my business. Personal, local, established, consistent, friendly and efficient—I have always found them to be incredibly understanding and willing to work with me whenever I've had a problem.”
- Jason McCormick, Solarian since 2003

Our Partners

Real estate agent

Meet Sandy

Sandy is the owner of a property management group in charge of small clinics and shopping centers throughout Washington. She’s busy and takes on a lot—both around the office and at home with her three kids under the age of 10.

Sandy needs a financial partner that not only saves her time, but also provides detailed guidance from experienced representatives who take the time to understand Sandy’s goals and anticipate what’s best for her business.

This is where we come in. Solarity goes way beyond a variety offerings and competitive rates for members like Sandy. Our online and mobile banking features make it easy for Sandy to manage her company’s day-to-day finances from anywhere, and when the time comes to upgrade, expand or just make a big decision for her business, we’re there to help her every step of the way.

Sandy’s Accounts

Gym owner

Meet Dan

Dan’s family has owned gyms throughout Central Washington since the early ’80s, but he has never really felt comfortable handling their finances with a national bank. From frequent errors and habitually slow response times, to a general lack of trust when solutions are quickly pitched without any real knowledge of his family’s business—Dan was ready to make a change. So when it came time for Dan to take over the finances, he found a financial partner that goes the extra mile and truly listens to his goals and concerns.

Solarity works to understand companies like Dan’s, examining cash flow, immediate needs and ambitions down the road to anticipate their needs and guide the business through complex financial situations.

Dan’s Accounts

The customer personas above are fictional representations of credit union members.

Meet the Business Services Team

Ben Beckman

Ben Beckman

Business Services Relationship Manager


Pat Lilly

Pat Lilly

VP Member Business Services


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Pamela Shaw

Business Services Relationship Manager