Let us start here (and no disrespect to the retail industry) in fact, shout out to those retail managers! For conversation, join me on this small journey. Working in the retail management world, you have the pleasure of always being on your feet… practically running from point A to point B in order to meet astronomical timelines. You get the joy of being able to work the long demanding-abnormal-never consistent hours, (who needs that thing called sleep anyway) but its ok it really helps build character. And what about that Black Friday, should I say “Grey Thursday” shopping event where people get very little time with their families for the holiday only to pick up after all those very clean shoppers that decide to turn your store into a yard sale, yeah, that’s cool too. Working retail has its own challenges that just makes work, well… work. Again, I mean no disrespect to any individual that has participated in retail management.

You are probably saying to yourself “what credibility does this guy have?” Well, I can present this to you because I have been a part of the Retail community over the past eight years. As an ever changing environment, I enjoyed some aspects of the job. However, I can promise you it wasn’t the long hours and time away from family that I can dock up as the highlight of the field.

So, why the disclaimer? Simply put, I didn’t realize what toll the industry has on a family man until I was recruited to be a part of the Solarity team and work in the financial industry.  I am honest when I say I am a bit of a nerd and enjoy talking finances and absolutely crave working on a budget. It is semi therapeutic (keep your judgments at bay people) and helps keep me on track to meet financial goals. In my short time with Solarity I have learned what it truly means to be a part of a team, a culture, and a growing company that takes care of their employees. From the first interview to the moment I am typing out this blog – I have been blessed with a job, more so a career, that I absolutely love. And by love, I mean I l-O-V-E my job. I get excited to come to work and hang out with members. From simple to complex transactions, to creating memorable experiences with members, every day is a good day and a good day to look forward to.

Now let’s get back to the title of this little ditty you are reading. Why you??? Good question. If you find yourself sliding out of bed, dreading to go to work, waking up in the morning knowing your contribution to society isn’t rewarding, driving the long route to work only to wait in your car until the last minute with a massive inhale exhale before entering your work space, then it’s time to make a change and this blog is speaking to you. Look up Solarity and see what is available.  With multiple departments covering a wide spectrum of responsibilities, you just might find a new path or a strong path within your interest.  No matter your experience or previous path taken, if you enjoy working with people, being a part of a team that genuinely cares about your development and are motivated with the drive to be the best YOU for the best company, well, then you just answered the question. Solarity is a solid growing company that will support your growth and help you develop to be the best YOU and the best ASSET for future success.