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A master plan is commonly defined as an overall concept that will require a lot of time and effort, providing a structured approach and a clear framework for developing an area. We’ve laid out our plans and began efforts that will develop Solarity into the #1 experience provider in financial services. This is a lofty goal; one that will require the time and efforts of each and every one of our staff members. However, it’s a goal I strongly believe we can and will achieve. How do I know this? Because, hands down, Solarity spends more time thinking about our members’ experience than any other bank or credit union.

• We run every strategic decision through the following question:
How will this improve the members’ experience?

• We have created a value proposition that focuses on what members need from their financial institution:
We understand, anticipate and guide members.

• We have a brand promise to be:
The financial services provider of choice for people who seek extraordinary experiences.

We believe, extraordinary experiences happen when we understand your financial situation, anticipate what your needs are, and guide you through your financial decisions. This requires us to listen intently to what you are telling us, think proactively about what is essential for you to know, and then finally, explain your options and make suggestions that are pertinent to your situation and end in the best possible result for you. We must be able to serve you this way, regardless of what delivery channel you choose. When you reach out to Solarity, or when Solarity reaches out to you, we intend to begin the interaction with building trust and rapport. We want to tune into what you are telling us and make you feel like you’re the most important member we have. We will ask questions to identify problems, concerns, wants, or needs. Once we think we’re there, we will validate with you to assure that we are on the same page. We want to assure you that we can help you, and it is our pleasure to do so. This is how we strive to understand and anticipate. The next thing that we will do is describe the ways that we can help you with your problem, concern, want, or need. We may explain how we are going to solve your issue, and if we cannot resolve it immediately, we will tell you how long it is going to take. There could be a product or service that you need, so we will give you the details that you must have to make an informed decision. We will do whatever the situation requires to assure that you have confidence in us to provide you solutions. This is how we guide. You may be wondering how the CEO knows that this type of service is being provided to each and every member, at each and every interaction. Firstly, we hire people who naturally exhibit all the attributes of a person who loves to serve others. We have extensive pre-employment testing protocol which assures that those we hire are driven by the desire to help. We interview them three times before hiring, using a systematic process that is designed for finding top performers. Getting a job at Solarity is not easy…because working at Solarity is not intended to be for employees who are just here to earn a paycheck. I meet with every new employee after they’ve been on the job for a couple of months, and I have heard countless times that our work environment is the epitome of positivity. A positive work environment attracts positive people, positive people enjoy their jobs, and when positive people are enjoying their jobs, they do what is expected of them, and our members reap the benefits! Most important, we ask you how we are doing by surveying our members every day and receiving these surveys back in real time. Myself and other members of the management team receive and review each and every survey response. We have a staff member dedicated to answering these surveys to follow up on any questions or concerns. With the information that you provide, we work internally to make your life easier by implementing many of your recommendations.