Expectation: a belief that something will or is likely to a happen.  A belief about how successful or good something will be.

Solarity members expect the baseline: friendliness, common courtesies, efficiency, consistency and transparency. They expect us to smile and greet them by name. They expect us to thank them. They want us to do things right the first time. They expect all product offerings to work. They expect us to be problem solvers who are always working to do the right thing. They expect us to be truthful and transparent.

Above this baseline, members have come to expect Solarity to engage them. Through a process of questions and answers, get to know and understand them. Members expect us to care enough to ask.

They expect us to enlighten them. To demonstrate our commitment to them with knowledgeable guidance directed at meeting their unique needs at any point in their life cycle.

Members expect Solarity to anticipate their future needs by maintaining a focus on the ever-changing market and empowering members with critical knowledge and tools to make their lives easier.

In the end, members have come to expect Solarity to deliver nothing short of extraordinarily positive experiences.