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The financial services industry’s reputation has taken a drastic hit over the last several years and many financial institutions of all sizes have made a choice to focus only on the (short term) bottom line, at the risk of losing focus on what’s best for their customers or members.  Solarity Credit Union however, keeps two definitions close at heart every day; the definitions of extraordinary (unusually great) and experience (an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on someone).  Employees at Solarity work hard to combine those two definitions every day and provide unusually great events that leave an impression on our members, or, more simply put, we strive to provide extraordinary experiences. We believe the best way to provide an extraordinary experience is to understand our members, anticipate their needs, and guide them through financial decisions.

We are fortunate to have a membership of over 50,000, but that also means we have over 50,000 unique financial situations that cannot be handled with cookie-cutter solutions.  Providing extraordinary experiences is not possible without first understanding what the member in front of us needs and everything that goes into their unique goals.  Some members may be looking for the best way to earn interest on a million dollars while others may be trying to buy their first car; both of these situations are exciting but need to be handled in different ways.  Whether our members deal with a teller, a financial guide in a branch or at our contact center, a branch manager, or our Chief Experience Officer, they will be dealing with a person who will make the entire goal of that interaction to better their understanding of the member’s financial situation so that we can proceed to anticipating what the member needs in order to achieve their goals.

Once the member’s financial situation is understood, we are able to then provide extraordinary experiences by anticipating what product, service, or tool we can provide that will better the member’s financial situation.  We don’t believe in pushing the newest product or service to every member because each member is different and has different needs; a newlywed couple and a retired couple may require very different financing options when trying to purchase a new home.  Properly anticipating needs can only come after understanding their situation and we work hard to ensure we only suggest products and services that fit our member’s situation.  After we understand our member’s financial situation and have anticipated their needs by suggesting products and services to improve their financial well-being, we are committed to guiding our members through those various situations.

Many financial institutions stop the process after they have successfully suggested products and services, but we will always go the extra mile to guide our members through situations both complex and simple.  Guiding means we accurately explain why the product, service, or tool we’ve anticipated our member needs is right for that situation and we then are there to help the member use that product, service, or tool to ensure the best chance of reaching their financial goal.  Solarity will be a guide through all sorts of financial situations such as buying a house, opening a business account, or getting that first checking account.  We are dedicated to delivering extraordinary experiences by being our members’ financial guides through every stage of their lives.

Solarity Credit Union is an organization that puts the member experience above all else.  We believe the best way to put the member experience first is by deliberately taking the time to understand our member’s financial situation so that we can properly anticipate their future financial needs and then expertly guide them through those financial situations.  If we can successfully understand, anticipate, and guide our members, we can continue providing unusually great events that leave an impression, or, extraordinary experiences.